Honeywell IAQPoint

Honeywell IAQPoint

Honeywell IAQPoint

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Honeywell Analytics IAQPoint.

Indoor Air Quality monitoring of CO2, temperature and humidity for demand control ventilation applications.

The IAQPoint’s dual IR sensing technology offers better drift and temperature compensation for measuring ambient CO2 levels — and does this within a smaller and sleeker enclosure. The addition of BACnet and Modbus digital outputs make it simple to install and integrate into the existing building automation system. Units can be ordered with a simple 4-20mA analogue output or optional display. If the application does not require temperature and relative humidity, a CO2 only version is also available. Eliminating the need for additional devices and excess wiring, the IAQPoint easily snaps into a standard electrical box for simple wall mount installation. A duct mount version is also available for those applications that need to monitor incoming air from outside the building or do not wish to place the unit in plain view.  The IAQPoint’s plug-and-play nature and simplified mounting dramatically reduce the overall cost of installation.

Temperature and relative humidity readings are measured at the tip of the antenna that extends from the bottom of the unit. Taking these measurements outside of the enclosure guarantees the most accurate and repeatable readings. A stylish protective cover is also available for those applications where breakage or vandalism is a concern.

User Friendly

  • No moving parts – trouble free operation
  • Menu driven operation – easy calibration

Low Cost of Installation

  • Combines 3 devices into 1
  • Simple wall or duct mount
  • Analogue or digital outputs


  • Proven dual beam IR technology
  • Accurate temperature and rH readings

 Beneficial Options

  • BACnet or Modbus digital outputs
  • Backlit display
  • Analogue output option
  • User selectable gas detection range

Honeywell IAQPoint Datasheet