RAE Systems Honeywell MeshGuard - PowerPak

RAE Systems Honeywell MeshGuard - PowerPak

RAE Systems Honeywell MeshGuard - PowerPak

Product #: F03-0002-000/F03-3014-001

Price: $1,789.00

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RAE Systems Honeywell MeshGuard ( 4 cell ) PowerPak

Connected, Intelligent Wireless Gas Detection System-

The RAE PowerPak is part of the MeshGuard gas detection system and can be used to run MeshGuard EC or MeshGuard LEL monitor or Mesh Router or any other equipment with matching entity. This intrinsically safe rechargeable battery power source is ideal for monitoring applications which require longer runtime than provided with the standard internal disposable battery.

MeshGuard Parts:

MeshGuard Part Part Number
Stainless Steel PowerPak
 with or without optional Charger Kit
F03-0002000 - PowerPak
F03-3014001 - Charger Kit


Key Features:

  • Up to 4 months continuous operation before recharging, when it contains four encapsulated internal batteries and is used with a MeshGuard (4 months), MeshGuard LEL (25 days), or Mesh Router (1.5 months)
  • Rugged stainless-steel enclosure
  • Very low-cost installation - no hardwiring involved
  • Very little maintenance or monitoring
  • Large, easy-to-read continuous display of power percentage and charging/error messages
  • Bright 3-color status LED
  • Simple operation without switches or controls
  • IP-65 rated for outdoor use in harsh environments
  • Unit can be replaced in hazardous location

* Picture above also shows the following MeshGuard compontents that are NOT included and sold seperately.

  • MeshGuard Detector
  • Stainless Steel Mount
  • PowerPak Mounting Plate
  • Connection Cable PowerPak / MeshGuard Detector