Honeywell HA72 Digital Gas Controllers

Honeywell HA72 Digital Gas Controllers

Honeywell HA72 Digital Gas Controllers

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Honeywell Analytics HA72 Digital Gas Controllers.

The HA72 controller is a flexible, scaleable gas controller that works the way you need it to. Input/Output modules allow for sets of 16, 32, 48 or 64 channel monitoring. Deploy the HA72 as a robust standalone life safety solution or addressable network with gas monitors and other field devices. User-friendly and visually powerful, the HA72 interface puts you in control of mission-critical information and allows you to share it across the enterprise via a secure, password-protected interface.

Centralize display and alarm functions with a flexible 16-64 channel controller that adapts and expands to your requirements, as a standalone solution or networkable device.

Flexible & Feature Rich

  • Configure HA72 to accept inputs from many sensor types and signal ranges. Daisy chain up to 128 HA72 controllers to expand the system to meet your needs
  • Custom software auto-recognizes and addresses Honeywell gas monitors (XNX™ and Sensepoint XCD)
  • Connect sensors directly to HA72 with bridge sensor input board, saving installation time and eliminating need for extra devices
  • Use HA72 as a discrete life safety system or network to a PLC or DCS for addressable operation
  • Multiple password levels allow Ethernet access according to user need or qualification
  • Various enclosure options available for hazardous and non-classified areas
  • Programmable relays allow for a single relay contact point fo multiple devices

Advanced, User-Friendly Interface

  • Full array of visual indicators (bar graphs, multicolor cells, flashing icons) and integrated alarm levels simplify and enhance monitoring, troubleshooting and trending functions
  • Improved zone logic reduces false alarm incidents
  • Touch & magnetic keypad allows non-intrusive operation in hazardous locations
  • SD card logs over one year of data including concentration levels, alarm events, min/max, calibrations and alarm resets
  • NEMA 4X, NEMA 4X Stainless Steel, full and half “19” Rackmount and NEMA 7 (Explosion-Proof) wall-mount options
  • Modbus master/slave functionality allows for simultaneous sending and receiving of data, through four RS-485 serial ports
  • Calibration and Authorization Modes facilitate and speed commissioning time; Mimic Mode allows viewing of other HA72 controllers on the host display

Honeywell HA72 Datasheet