Safer Homeland Responder

Safer Homeland Responder

Safer Homeland Responder

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RAE Systems- Safer Homeland Responder.

Designed for use with RAE Systems’ AreaRAE family of wireless detectors, the SAFER Homeland Responder integrated software solution quickly measures and validates plumes generated by hazardous material releases. This turn-key system incorporates real-time atmospheric monitoring, chemical sensor data, and GPS coordinates into sophisticated algorithms to track plume impact in complex terrain.

The SAFER Homeland Responder solution is designed for use by Federal, State and Local Agency and Military Response Teams.

In the chaotic and frantic aftermath of a chemical release, time and accurate information are critically important to saving lives and resources. SAFER Homeland Responder provides this urgent information simply and quickly. Within minutes of a toxic release, the software can help manage the event and provide early warning to those who risk exposure to a potentially harmful substance. Incident commanders can make effective tactical decisions, and react appropriately to the changing situation.

Developed based on SAFER Systems technology already deployed by all Class 1 Railroads in North America as well as numerous chemical and petrochemical companies worldwide, SAFER Homeland Responder provides patented, field tested, reliable decision support.

 Key Features:

  • Rapidly Deployable Turn-key solution provides situation display in minutes
  • Intuitive, menu-driven options on one software platform
  • No need to describe the type or amount of release
  • Real-time automatic synchronization of air monitors and meteorological stations with plume model
  • Built-in reports for toxicological effects on responders and community
  • Users may customize by adding more data, aerial images, and CAD drawings
  • Interface with portable or fixed meteorological stations
  • Share results with other GIS applications


  • Automatic release rate estimation using patented Advanced Back Calculation
  • Wind field generator and dispersion model for complex terrain
  • Multi-component chemical evaporation and dispersion model
  • Integrates popular ESRI “Shapefiles” (.shp) for detailed view of community
  • Building infiltration model
  • Fire and blast overpressure models
  • Particulate model