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RAE Systems- PlumeRAE.

Industry leaders RAE Systems, SAFER Systems and Coastal Environmental Systems have teamed to create PlumeRAE - a unique, turn-key solution that allows rapid monitoring and assessment of situations involving the release of hazardous substances. PlumeRAE gives first responders information to make crucial decisions.

PlumeRAE - Datasheet

Coastal Enviornmental's WEATHERPAK - Datasheet

Releases of toxic materials present first responders with an immediate challenge – determining what actions need to be taken to protect nearby populations. They must answer a number of questions:

  • Where is the toxic plume headed, and in what concentration?
  • What areas need to be evacuated?
  • Who should shelter in place?
  • What roads should be closed?
  • How do we prioritize actions with limited resources available?

Plume Measurement:

  • GPS-equipped AreaRAE wireless monitors placed in strategic locations measure the levels of critical toxic chemicals and communicate their measurements to a ProRAE Remote Base Station.
  • ProRAE Remote, running on a standard laptop computer, feeds this information to the Plume Measurement Software that is running on the same PC.
  • Weather data transmitted by a Coastal Environmental Systems WEATHERPAK® completes the information package needed for analysis.
  • The Plume Measurement Software, developed by SAFER Systems, integrates the information and shows users a picture of the toxic plume, the speed at which it is spreading, and the concentration of the toxic compound.

Decision Support:

PlumeRAE gives first responders the information they need along with decision support so that they can answer critical questions and take immediate, effective action. First Responders can:

  • Track and validate plume impact
  • Employ intelligent placement tactics for safely locating responders
  • Evaluate the toxicological effect on responders and the community
  • Create emergency response strategy
  • Understand how long the event will persist
  • Save the event for post-event analysis


  • RAE Systems Rapid Deployment Kit
    • Four AreaRAE Wireless Detectors with GPS
    • ProRAE Remote Software preloaded in a PC
    • Complete package for charging
    • Carrying case for easy transportation
  • SAFER Systems powered Plume Measurement Software complete with GIS mapping data covering a single county (U.S. only; additional countries available)

    Non-U.S. customer pricing subject to local GIS data availablity.
  • Coastal Environmental Systems WEATHERPAK® solid-state weather station monitoring wind speed, direction, temperature, solar radiation, and humidity


  • Municipal first responder
  • Large event emergency planning
  • Crisis management