Rent RAE Systems RAELink 3 Bluetooth

Rent RAE Systems RAELink 3 Bluetooth

Rent RAE Systems RAELink 3 Bluetooth

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RAE Systems- RAELink 3 Bluetooth - Rental.

RAELink3 modem allows integration of many RAE Systems gas and radiation monitors, and select third-party devices into an AreaRAE wireless detection system. Monitors linked with a RAELink3 modem can communicate sensor data and GPS coordinates to a command center’s PC running ProRAE Remote Software up to 2 miles away. Bluetooth connectivity simplifies use with handheld monitors, while a user-friendly display and interface simplify configuration and status checking of the RAELink3.

  • View and track sensors and responders downrange
  • Deploy quickly and easily
  • Merge multiple detection technologies on one viewing platform
  • Interface with other agencies

Key Features:

  • Integrated
    • GPS equipped for tracking and viewing of sensors and first responders on a local mapping area
    • Bluetooth equipped for wireless connection option to monitors
    • Long range radio to transmit system information up to 2 miles in urban setting
  • Versatile
    • Easily configure in the field to interface with other AreaRAE systems
    • Programmable from Host modem, to Repeater, to Remote modem as needed
    • Configurable for a variety of monitors and detection technologies
  • Easy to Use
    • Backlit display with intuitive interface
    • Radio strength indicator on LCD
  • Durable
    • Weatherproof
    • Shock resistant
    • Up to 18 hours run time on single charge
  • Incident Response
  • Venue Protection
  • Industrial Safety
  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Confined Space Entry

RAELink 3 - Datasheet