Rent RAE Systems AreaRAE Steel RDK

Rent RAE Systems AreaRAE Steel RDK

Rent RAE Systems AreaRAE Steel RDK

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AreaRAE Steel RDK Kit with Host Kit Rental.

The RAE Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) Kit is designed for quick assessment and management of gaseous threats. The kit includes four wireless, 5-gas, AreaRAE monitors with in-case charging, and can be equipped with the Host Controller for monitoring from a command center up to two miles away. The system can scale up to 32 AreaRAEs with the addition of Detector Kits, each containing 4 AreaRAEs. The RDK offers first responders and environmental managers all detection tools they need in two rugged carrying cases.

The AreaRAE monitors can be rapidly deployed and re-deployed in situations that require a quick and adaptable response. They can be arranged in a perimeter to detect chemical hazards and to monitor the environmental safety of a large public event. The units help response teams gain control over potentially perilous situations by assessing the environment and determining the geographic disbursement of hazardous gases and chemicals. Housed in a military-grade self-contained case, the RDK is easy to transport and easy to deploy.

The RDK also provides protection in the monitoring of environmental remediation, oil, gas platforms, petrochemical applications, and refineries. The AreaRAE can detect gaseous VOCs, LEL, O2, H2S, and CO and offers datalogging for event documentation.

The RDK is comes with the global positioning satellite (GPS) option which includes the ability to track and display readings from up to 32 remotely located detectors on a GPS map.

RDK Kit Key Features

  In-case charging - One plug to charge 4 AreaRAEs and repeater in the case
  AreaRAEs stored with handles on for faster deployment

The AreaRAE Steel RDK Kit contains the following:

  • Host Kit (Laptop with RAELink 2 Host in a Pelican Case)
  • ProRAE Guardian Software and or ProRAE Remote installed (your choice)
  • AreaRAE Steel Units with Antennas
  • CO,H2S,LEL,O2 and PID (10.6eV Lamp) Standard Sensor configuration
  • One RAELink 2 or RAELink 3 Repeater
  • 4 Spare Rechargeable Batteries
  • 4 Spare Alkaline Battery Packs
  • External 4-bank Battery Charger
  • 2 sets of pump filters - total of 8.
  • Teflon Tubing
  • Protective Antenna Covers
  • Setup / Deployment documents and instructions
  • Pelican Case

RAE RDK Detector Kit - Datasheet